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ITS has completed the development of two powerful HD-SDI Video products, the Model 6316 Video Concentrator Multiplexer (VCM) and the Model 6314 Video Coordinate Digitizer (VCD)

These products make up the key components of the Naval Surface Warfare Center's Weapon Impact Scoring System (WISS) and have features that can provide significant capabilities to HD video instrumentation applications.




Model 6316 VCM

The 6316 VCM receives up to four uncompressed HD-SDI video signals, synchronizes the input video streams and creates a single uncompressed output with precisely aligned video stripes.  The stripes correspond to user defined selection of the desired video lines for each.  The alignment is accomplished by decoding the metadata packets, which contain the exact time of the beginning of the video frames. This time value is inserted by an ITS video inserter/synchronizer located at the video source.  The VCM then buffers the incoming video and adjusts the relationship between the video inputs to match the decoded time values.  This function corrects any latency variations that have been introduced as a result of the transport of the video signal from the cameras to the VCM regardless of the distance between the cameras and the control center.

The Model 6314 VCD receives the consolidated HD-SDI signal and provides operator controls allowing precise time measurement of events contained in each video stripe.  Since the stripes are time aligned, this allows comparison and triangulation of common events.  The unit also can decode metadata packets embedded in the video and display as an overlay on the observed video. These data may include information inserted by either or both the VCM and the source video synchronizer.  The operator can select the color, size and location of the decoded message.

The VCM and VCD makes use of the HD Video technology developed by ITS over the past five years as well as new specialized digital techniques developed specifically for WISS

For general descriptions of the VCM and VCD click the images above.

For full Operation Manuals click here:   6314   6316



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