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Instrumentation Technology Systems, specializes in the development and manufacture of instrumentation and telemetry products with emphasis on Video Insertion, Recording and Synchronization, Time Code Generators and Displays, and Camera Control Systems.

ITS has completed the development of the first HD-SDI Video Recorder designed specifically for video instrumentation applications.
Major features include:

No Compression, No artifacts, absolutely no loss of any video elements.

Records mission data and time in metadata blocks stored in VANC space.  No fixed overlays to block video but allows operator to insert crosshairs (movable and boresight) and other data if desired and/or select metadata elements to create and position overlays at playback preventing inadvertent obscuration of video.

Can store over 30 event clips.  Operator can define the record time preceding and following the receipt of an event trigger.

Both volatile DDR3 and non volatile SSD video storage (compliant with DOD 5220.22-M).  Auto-detection and synchronization of the applied video format.

Both rack and vehicle/shelf models available with AC and DC power options.

Numerous other features, which have been indentified from over 35 years of ITS involvement  in video instrumentation are included.  The final design is a result of over three years of analysis and implementation of field requirements determined necessary to take full advantage of the conversion from analog to digital video.


Model6520 Inserter-recorder

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