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ITS has shipped the first major component produced under the New Enhanced System Development Program for the

Weapon Impact Scoring System (WISS)

ITS has completed the development of the first component, ITS Model 6316, developed under the program.  The program development effort is designed to convert the analog WISS from standard NTSC video to  HD-SDI Video, greatly improving the capabilities and providing numerous additional features.  The main elements are the Model 6316 Video Concentrator Multiplexer  (VCM) and the Model 6314 Video Coordinate Digitizer. (VCD)







The WISS is a development of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Corona CA.  ITS has been involved in the program since it's inception having developed the major elements of the original version (1996) and a second generation system (2007).   Although the new HD version performs the same tasks as the earlier generations, it is a completely new design, taking advantage of advanced digital technology to simplify the user experience and greatly expand the capabilities.

The VCM and VCD makes use of the HD Video technology developed by ITS over the past five years as well as new specialized digital techniques developed specifically for WISS

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